Semrush – Shape Your Story

A global 360° campaign including
video, photography, gaming and
interactive experiences.


  • Animation
  • Art Direction
  • Campaign
  • Conceptual Design
  • Copywriting
  • Illustration Design
  • Language
  • Photography & Video
  • Storyboarding
  • UX/UI

Rhapsody worked on #ShapeYourStory, a multi-layered global marketing campaign for SaaS platform Semrush.
 We were responsible for the strategy, the creative ideation and production of all the campaign assets.

A promo that achieved
2.7 million views

Semrush is a leading online visibility management
platform that offers an all-in-one tool suite designed to
help companies improve their online marketing. Semrush
approached Rhapsody to create a global marketing
campaign with a focus on the benefits it offers to digital
marketers, SEO specialists and marketing agencies.

We responded to the brief with an ideation workshop that
showcased possible conceptual routes. The outcome was
#ShapeYourStory, a 360° campaign featuring multiple
touchpoints and formats in five languages.

"360° campaign
featuring multiple

The main goal of the campaign was to drive visitors to the Semrush
website, convert them into registrations and generate increased
purchases of subscription plans. The key challenge for Rhapsody
was to find ways in which to achieve these targets using several
traffic sources, while thinking about how to leverage paid channels
but also drive organic traffic. We came up with a campaign centred
on interactive Ceros experiences that were engaging and useful for
Semrush’s target audience.

Driving paid and
organic traffic
from Semrush's
target audiences

A 50-second video became the driver of the #ShapeYourStory
message: Rhapsody was responsible for the entire process,
including the concept, production, script, storyboard, edit and
output of the video. The idea was simple: it was based on an
animated shape, a metaphor for how Semrush can help shape

a business by providing the tools for increased online visibility.
The video was a success, reaching a good average watch time
and racking up over 2.7 million views.

The animated shape became a leitmotif for the
#ShapeYourStory campaign: Rhapsody came up with shapes
and colour combinations that were in line with the Semrush
brand identity. These became the backbone for the
campaign’s visual identity, appearing across all aspects of
the campaign including in static form on merchandise.

Rhapsody developed a dedicated landing page for the
campaign where visitors could discover different facets of
#ShapeYourStory. In addition to creating the video and
photography content, Rhapsody devised a mobile game and
a personality quiz to get people to interact with the
campaign. By creating unique, personalised experiences, we
could really highlight the benefits of specific Semrush’s tools
to relevant segments of the target audience. These content
formats were supported by downloadable materials and a
prize draw designed to boost engagement and encourage
sharing on social media.

Besides delivering all the creative assets – including
copywriting and translation into several languages –
Rhapsody also worked on the marketing collateral. This
included visuals and copywriting for social media (both
organic and paid) as well as remarketing materials to help
this large-scale campaign achieve its maximum potential.

Translation into
multiple languages

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How can we help?

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