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Rhapsody Ltd announces new partnership with BrandMaster

22nd March 2021. Today, Rhapsody announced its partnership with BrandMaster, the latest step in its plans for European growth. This collaboration with BrandMaster will ensure the company continues to provide its clients with the best platforms and services on the market. Rhapsody prides itself on the exceptional work it delivers and can now take that a step further, utilising BrandMaster technology to help engage its customers on a whole new level.

Luke Alexandre, Head of Sales at BrandMaster said: “Partnering with Rhapsody is a strategic move to continue our expansion in the European market. Rhapsody is renowned for its creative content lifecycle of services, so being selected to partner with them is not only a testament to our solution, but also gives us access to some of the top brands in the world.

Andy Berg, CEO of Rhapsody said: “We’re extremely excited about this partnership and feel that the BrandMaster platform is one of the leading platforms within brand management. It will further enable Rhapsody to continue helping our clients to work smarter and more cost-effectively while maintaining extremely high production values.”

BrandMaster is a market-leading brand management platform that’s modular, scalable and aids marketing teams, brand owners and agencies in managing their workflows and building strong, sustainable brands, both locally and globally.

Rhapsody is a production house for the digital age, helping clients become more efficient in selling and reducing costs by creating, producing, and distributing great content in a smart way. We move with the ever-changing media landscape because we’re content natives, powering ideas since 1980. Our solutions help transform businesses and our creativity engages audiences in a multi-channel world.

For Rhapsody enquiries please email: enquiries@rhapsodymedia.com
For BrandMaster enquiries please email: luke.alexandre@brandmaster.com